A new opportunity has arrived in Shadow Era!

Purchase Unique Pets and make a profit when they're sold!

What are Unique Pets?

Pets are cosmetic items that follow you into battle, showing off your prestige and intimidating your opponents.

Besides looking cool, you can make a profit when another player buys your pet. And because they're unique, they're highly sought after.

Pets can be bought now using your EasyBuy balance with your linked Shadow Era account. No crypto experience necessary!

  • 100 pets at launch
  • Each are unique with only 1 owner
  • Buy, make an offer, or transfer pets
  • Make a profit when your pet is sold!

How It Works

Pets, explained

Shadow Era Pets are cosmetic items that are purchased with ShadowTokens (SHDW). Pets are unique, but can have several color variations. For example, one person might own a black wolf while another person could own a white wolf, but there can only ever be one owner of each.

Pets appear beside the playmat in the game, and have idle animations, respond to clicks, walk around, etc. They also help your morale, boost your confidence, and intimidate your opponents!

Pets go to the highest bidder, with a minimum increase of 25%. For example if you buy a pet at 100 SHDW, somebody would have to pay 125 SHDW to buy it. After the 10% platform fee (12 SHDW), you would get 113 SHDW to your account. If, however, a buyer wished to skip ahead and planned to keep the pet longer (and also make more profit), they could choose to buy at a higher price, for example 500 SHDW. In this case, the 10% fee would be 50 SHDW and you would get 450 SHDW to your account. A nice profit, indeed!

It's important to note that the buyer makes a bid on the price. The seller can't set the price directly, to avoid people hording the unique pets and refusing to sell. Owners can accept a lower bid though, if they wish.

When you own a pet, you can add it to your deck just like you would with a card sleeve or playmat. If your pet is bought from you, it will be automatically removed from your deck.

Using your EasyBuy balance here on ShadowToken.io you can purchase pets with a few clicks without having to worry about the intricacies of crypto. Behind the scenes, all transactions will be done on the blockchain using Waves Smart Contracts to transfer ownership of the pet and record the complete purchase history.

Pets Market

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