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Support for Shadow Tokens will be discontinued on Aug 31, 2022.
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What is Shadow Era?

Shadow Era was the first full-scale trading card game on mobile. It features cross-platform multiplayer games between iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

With an active community, highly balanced and truly free to play, Shadow Era has been proclaimed a "shining example of what freemium games should be."

  • Currently over 630 cards
  • 32 heroes in 7 classes
  • Innovative dual resource system
  • Highly balanced and varied gameplay
  • Great community of players
  • FREE to play on PC, Mac, iOS and Android

Benefits for Token Holders

Besides the potential for profit as a publicly traded token, players will receive many other benefits.

Cash Rewards

Share in the profits, paid directly to your Waves account.

Epic Avatar

Stand out from the crowd with an epic avatar and colored chat text.

Foiled Deck

The top 100 token holders will play with a completely foiled version of their deck.

Daily In-Game Rewards

Log in to the game daily to collect free Shadow Crystals.

Publicly Traded

Buy and sell Shadow Tokens at any time on an anonymous decentralized exchange.

Voting Rights

Have your say and vote on the direction and development of the game.

A new opportunity has arrived in Shadow Era!

Purchase Unique Pets and make a profit when they're sold!

What are Unique Pets?

Pets are cosmetic items that follow you into battle, showing off your prestige and intimidating your opponents.

Besides looking cool, you can make a profit when another player buys your pet. And because they're unique, they're highly sought after.

Pets can be bought now using your EasyBuy balance with your linked Shadow Era account. No crypto experience necessary!

  • 100 pets at launch
  • Each are unique with only 1 owner
  • Buy, make an offer, or transfer pets
  • Make a profit when your pet is sold!

Game Sale Has Completed

ShadowTokens are no longer supported!
Thanks for everyone's support during the long reign of ShadowTokens! With the recent sale of Shadow Era, ShadowToken features will no longer be available in the game. Profit payouts are available to all linked token holder accounts as of August 31st, 2022 on the account page.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of questions for your convenience

Q. Why are you using the Waves platform and not Ethereum?

After investigating Ethereum, I found that it was much too complicated for the average user. And the wallet requires you to download the whole multi-GB blockchain, which can take forever. Waves, on the other hand, has a simple online wallet available, doesn't need the whole blockchain, and supports a decentralized token exchange right from the start.

Q. What are these tokens really?

Each token represents a share of ownership of the game Shadow Era, the digital assets, intellectual property, and physical card inventory. There are 10,000,000 tokens in total. Besides being publicly tradable, players get many benefits and rewards from being token holders. However, digital tokens are not shares in a company nor are they financial securities. There will be a trust company to manage the assets and bank accounts, and the Board of Directors will be directing the development and token holders will vote on major decisions.

Q. Why should I buy Shadow Tokens?

As an investor, buying tokens is a great opportunity to make money if you believe the price of tokens will rise in the future. As a player, you'll have a chance to get involved in the game and earn many rewards.

Q. How will token holders link them to their Shadow Era account?

In order to receive rewards in the game, we have to know your daily balance of tokens. We can verify ownership of your Waves address in one of three ways:

  1. Keep your "easy buy" tokens with us, or deposit your tokens into our account. You can withdraw them at any time.
  2. Use the Waves wallet that is automatically generated for you in-game.
  3. Import your external Waves wallet into the game using the interface on the Shadow Tokens screen.

Q. How is the price of the tokens determined?

The tokens are available for purchase on the Waves DEX and the Yobit exchange. Since the tokens are traded on an open market, the price is determined by the demand.

  • The number of tokens purchased with the "easy buy" option is determined by the current market price at the time of purchase.
  • As an open market, other people are free to create buy and sell orders at whatever prices they want.